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Trip to Gretna, Loch Lomond, Falkirk and Edinburgh, good 800 mile round trip.

Van did everything to perfection! First 1000 miles and we are up to 29 mpg, so happy with that. Was flawless on the motorways, used M6 toll and saw about two other vehicles. Cruises at 70 with ease, inclines not a problem, didn't really notice. Overtaking power is great on the 160bhp engine, never felt like we were in the way!

Site set up is simple, plug in and turn the control panel on...job done. Had pre-set heating to a comfortable level, so again, no issues there. Nice to wake up to a cosy van in the morning. Water system worked fine, filling and draining are easy, if a little slow, but why hurry?

Driving the smaller roads around Scotland, width is noticeable and the road surfaces are not the kindest, but overall not too bad. Some stretches were filling rattlers, so dropped a few mph to compensate. Did have one near miss, MH renter so keen to wave to us, forgot to keep to their side of the white line, so had an unfortunate scrape to mirror and van side from the trees on the kerb, but buffed out with a little T-Cut and elbow grease.

Spent the night "wild"-ish on the Three Lochs Forest Drive near Aberfoyle and what a wonderful way to spend the evening. Parked up beside Loch Achray, paid our £3 and that was that. Access gate is closed at 16:00, so once you're in, you're in! Code given to get out if required. Only one other van parked near us, didn't see another person. We luckily hit the Easter weekend which gave us long, warm sunny evenings, a major surprise in April in Scotland!

Used sites in Kirkpatrick Fleming (King Robert The Bruce - lovely site, quite close to a railway line), Falkirk (The Wheel Campsite - Basic but functional and good for access to Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies) and Edinburgh (Mortonhall - Fantastic! Lovely site, great bar plus easy access via bus to city centre). Cheated in Loch Lomond as it was my 50th and my wife had rented a luxury loch side lodge for us and all the kids, so that was pretty wonderful!

Back home via the A1/M1 and not a problem at all.....van is comfy, easy to drive, quiet, quick and smooth. So glad we bought the Bailey as it is surpassing all expectations and then some.
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