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After 15 years of development, ECO-WORTHY has become the world's leading provider of independent off-grid solar power system solutions. Its sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions, and it has served more than 500,000 customers.

+44 20 7570 0328
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Won't refund a dud inverter, guarantee worthless, contravenes Consumer Rights Act 2015
The 12V / 230V 1100W continuous (2200W peak) inverter failed after a few hours use at 900W. They sent another immediately, excellent service. This also failed after a few hours use at 900W. After much discussion, diagrams, videos and photos they accepted there is no problem with the way I installed or used it. They give a 1 year warranty. It is advertised as having comprehensive protection, including over-power, over- and under-voltage, and over-temperature. Also I put a 5A fuse in the outlet plug and it's supplied with 120A fuse in the 12V feed line. They agreed to a full refund. I waited, and chased for it. They then said no refund is due as its now over 30 days since I bought it. Which is not in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, let alone the guarantee. I would sue but they have no UK presence or assets as far as I (or others) can tell. They refused to publish my review (similar to this one) despite my repeated requests. Meanwhile I bought a cheap Chinese inverter (needed it in a hurry) and installed it; it still works fine, many months later. The Eco-worthy inverter is a re-branded Krieger unit (the manual even refers to it as such in places); I now find several reviews online of these Krieger items failing quickly. It appears they suppress negative reviews of the Eco-worthy brand ones. Given they are just re-branding other peoples' stuff and retailing it, it would be safer to buy from a retailer with a UK presence. Despite the Union Flag on the website; Email; +44.. phone and Eco Worthy Ltd, there is no UK registered company with Eco Worthy in the name; nowhere do they give a Company Number or UK Registered Address. They mislead you to think it is a UK company. It's not, so they can afford to just ignore you; you can sue, and win, but not enforce judgment.
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