Decathlon easy breath snorkeling mask.

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Used this for 2 weeks snorkeling in Spain and daughter used it for 2 weeks snorkeling in the Maldives..I'm guessing she saw more fish..

It's a brilliant piece of kit, it's easy to use, it slips over your head with an adjustable elastic strap. The mask comes in 2 sizes and various colours. S/M or M/L.

Your mouth and nose are kept in a separate compartment to your eyes so the visual part never fogs up.
You are able to breathe from your mouth or nose just like you do on dry land..
So perfect for people who have never been snorkeling or who lack confidence in water.

The mask offers a wide and huge visual's just like putting your face into a glass bowl and entering the wonderful underwater world.

I highly recommend this bit of kit, the joy of snorkeling and exploring under water will give you hours of pleasure.
The mask is in 2 parts (the snorkel pipe detaches) and it comes in a suitable bag.