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Normal car or van insurance doesn’t cover a motorhome or a campervan. There’s plenty of generic campervan cover available out there that would cover a bigger vehicle which is technically classed as a motorhome, but can you be sure that you’re getting the best value cover?

  • When you arrange a policy for your motorhome through Carole Nash, you can also expect to receive up to £100,000 legal
    expenses cover in the event of an accident that’s not your fault as standard, as well as EU cover for up to 90 days – ideal
    for those holidaying abroad!
  • Policies can also be extended to include camping equipment up to the cost of £3,500, including gas bottles
    and awnings, keeping all the essentials covered.
  • On top of all this, a dedicated in-house claims team is on-hand 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Total disgrace. Have already posted a negative on this company would not touch with a barge pole. Rang for a quote on a van upgrade, recieved an increase I was happy with then rung again to change of vehicle same model just more costly they specified a tracker to be fitted which I was doing anyway. They said would pass on to specialist team who would get back to me 3/4 days later after me ringing them numerous times still no response. I was then forced to insure with another company at a cost of £426. I was only part way through my term with c/n at a cost of £400+. 20 days later still without any response I was sent an apology letter with a cheque for £30. Spoke to them today and they state because those letter has been sent the the matter is now closed and stated that because they were an incoming call centre they were not able to call back even though there agent SAM said they would be in touch. The young lady from complaints could not provide me with any call back details because they had shut the case. No missed calls on both my contact numbers no email nothing. They also stated today that they were having problems with phone contact for cancellations and would give me another number to ring. !!!!! Too late had to put the phone down totally lost the plot by now. The biggest load of tosh I have ever listened to. The are a bloody disgrace
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I have used Carol Nashe for many years, mostly for my motorcycle insurance and they have always been OK.
This past year they have disappointed me three times with three different vehicles.
The major concern was that although they did pay out on a claim with my motorhome without any problems when I came to renew my car policy they wanted to load my car policy by £200+ pounds and for a further 4 years and including all other vehicles insured with them.
This car policy has over 10 years protected No Claims, but that didn't mean a jot.

See my thread -
Carole Nash - Protected No Claims con?
Claim Handling
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Loyalty at Renewal
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