Banbury Gearboxes

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  1. I was having problems selecting 3rd and 5th in my 2002 AS Executive whilst on an extended tour in Europe in June but managed quite nicely until we got home even managing a trip to mid Wales whilst awaiting repairs to get underway. Searching on the internet I discovered Banbury Gear Boxes and drove over to see John Turner the proprietor who confirmed the synchro had gone in those gears and offered to replace them inc 4th - coupled with a new clutch as it was a gear box out job. Consequently after a about a 2 week wait the van was in their workshop this Monday and worked on until completed Friday afternoon ready for us to collect today. I am writing this note in praise of John's work after driving 25 miles home I can report the gears now work perfectly and all is well. This is not surprising as the set up at Banbury Gear boxes seems traditionally pleasing and attention to detail the order of the day. So if like me you have had problems with Peugeot Gear box or similar best give him a call for exemplary service on 01295 770269 or 0780 1975 644.


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