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We're currently at Ayr (Scotland) where originally you could stay all along the prom for free overnight in a MH however this has now been stopped and whilst you can still stay during the day if you want to stop overnight you can't unless you go into the official area which is chargeable, hence this review about the new 'aire'.

The only place along the prom where you can now officially stay overnight from April to September is in the new Ayr 'aire' which has 16 parking bays specifically for MH use, it is laid out with 5 central 'block' ones each 3 car bays wide and 2 deep, and the rest being long bays (the length of 3 car bays) at the side of the road with some next to the prom and others at the rear of the 'block' bays. There is a new temporary toilet waste disposal point (trailers which have large waste containers on them) along with a water bowser to rinse cassettes (although this was empty as it's just been put there) as well as waste bins for MHers to use. It cost £5 a night to stay from 6.00 pm to 9.00 am from April to September, free at other times of year and during the day. The only restriction is that you can only stay 1 night in 2 (ie 24 hour gap in between). In order to use the bays overnight you have to register for the 'Ring-go' app and pay through that (they make a small service charge of 15p for this, more if you want SMS confirmation, reminders etc but they are optional).

We actually stayed on it last night (16th June 2021) but are unlikely to do so again. We settled into one of the central spots and once I'd registered for Ring-Go (that was a pain in the bum) I managed to pay. It was great at first then the 'fun' started ... boy/girl races in their souped up cars driving in, round the back of us down to the far end of the car park then back again round the front of us only to go round again ... noisy and a flaming nuisance, we thought we were in the middle of a flaming race-track at times, later it got more 'exciting' as they discovered they had horns too ... at one point around midnight we had several of them sitting along the prom not far away from us beeping at each other for ages. Not happy bunnies but not a lot we could do and fortunately around 12.30 am it stopped and we had a good night from then on.

In the morning the next door MHer came over and spoke to hubby about it all, he was going to get in touch with the council and tell then of the issues and that whilst it was a great idea to create the 'aire' where it was and the lack of control of the youths in their cars etc it just made it pretty much unusable and this was a mid-week night, I hate to think what it will be like on Friday/Saturday nights! As the MHer is a local chap he knew who to contact at the council and will hopefully get them to do something about it otherwise word will spread and it will become a white elephant which will be a shame, however the layout could do with some thought due to the need for cars to go one side of the central bays to get into the car park and the other side to exit, not idea especially since the local MHer said one of the cars nearly lost it as he was going too fast when going round the back of him!

We found some streets nearby which that are suitable for stopping on for another night so we remained on the 'aire' until around 5.30 pm then moved to a quiet side street looking over the large grass area behind the prom/beach, nice and quiet, not bothering anyone, so hopefully will have a more restful night.
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