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VW Campervan Conversion From Autohaus
We have a range of Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit and VW Campervans for sale from complete conversions to vans awaiting conversion.

Unit 12a
Vennlands Business Centre
Mart Rd
TA24 5BJ

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September 2020

I spent the whole of today on a journey to visit them today. I had been in touch with them several times to ensure they had the model I was interested in and had confirmed the price. Ready to spend upwards of £50k on a day van/camper.

A great start, even though the chap I had been discussing it with was too busy to see us, started the tour with Tony, the owner. Lovely chap who clearly knows the business. First problem was there was not a completed one with the configuration we wanted. Not the biggest issue, but annoying when I was told on Friday last week that there would be.

Then all good looking at the various models in production until we started to discuss the price. He said the starting price was £46k before options. The website says £40k, but I knew they had increased to £42k, which I have in an email from them on the 15th August! Tony says he doesn't know where that price comes from, but they cant do anything less than £46k.

I managed not to blow my top, but politely tell him I was somewhat displeased at making the tedious journey under false pretenses. He smiles and says that I should not have been told £42k.

The £46k+ would not have been a problem had it been honest and open; but this is not how it was.

I have just got back and double checked my emails. I am right:

"The brochure is slightly out of date now as VW have increased there prices on new vans

The price of a new Camelot starts from £42,000 inc vat on the road"

Absolute shame as I liked what I saw, but not a company I could do business with.

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