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With over 45 years of experience in the Motor Trade industry, Philip and Catherine set up, AS Air Suspension UK Ltd in 2007. Being proficient managers of the company, they are also owners of a long-standing Motor Factors business in Warrington, formed in 1957 by Philip's father. Today this motor factor business provides its retail and wholesale customers with parts along with auto electrical services, carried out by our Lucas trained qualified auto electrician.
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March 2019
Having recently found out I needed to update my payload urgently I spoke to Cath at AS Air suspension Warrington as they are on the list SV Tech recommend. They were absolutely brilliant from minute one and even managed to squeeze me in between jobs within a couple of days as I am going on a trip in the near future and upgraded from 3600 to 3850kg with rear air suspension. Phil (Caths husband) was all over it and fitted the system quickly and professionally but also identified a separate issue that Fiat are now sorting under warranty which his keen eye and knowledge noticed, which would have gone on unidentified until a much later date where the problem would have been a lot worse.
This is a couple who are motor-homers having travelled extensively so know it from our side and the service I got was second to none,as a newbie asking loads of questions and learned a lot from both of them.
They e mailed Sv Tech whilst for me whilst I was driving home so the next phase of the uprate was started and an e mail from Sv waiting for me when I arrived.
Knowledge, communication and service first class!
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