Anthy sur leman

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    We were popping about and wondering if we were in France or Switzerland and whether we were looking at Lac Leman or Lake Geneva. Struggling for an aire in August and not much of a Plan B we ended up parking on the road with others and took our pushbikes down to the beach. When we got there we noticed 3 motorhome aire places right on the front as the motorhome aire on the downhill road was full and no chance of anyone looking as if they were moving in the next week. All of a sudden one of the 3 motorhomes moved. We made the decision for me to go back to the van and try and claim. It worked. If you can get in here (I would not like to be more than 7 metres and try) then it is free, there is water and dump available round the corner but no idea how much if it costs if any. Fantastic sunsets in August with sun setting behind the French mountains on the other side. Walking distance to Thonon. Little sort of pub with reasonable listening to music added to the ambience. A definite return but have a B plan

    46.359663, 6.422976 is the exact position and not the aire about 100 yards away which is where you can get water and dump if you look at Google earth there is only one van there at time of writing.
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