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What is a Forum

Our forum is a discussion area on our website. Website members can post discussions and read and respond to posts made by other forum members.

This type of forum may also called a message board, discussion group, bulletin board, or web forum. It is not a blog, the name for a web log, as a blog is usually written by one user and usually only allows for the responses of others to the blog material. A forum allows all members to join in, make posts and start new topics.

We have one large forum, that is split into further forum sections. For example we have a forum called 'Motorhome Security' Within that forum are a list of discussions called 'threads' . So within this forum section we will have threads with titles like. 'What is the best motorhome alarm'

If you click on that thread you will see the OP (Original Posters) opening question along with others suggestions, all the messages within that thread are called posts. Below are some examples showing different forums and the threads within.



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I'm a newbie to forums and how they work so I've found this very helpful, thank You!