Three Mobile Broadband Info - Preloaded Data Sims Updated 22 Feb 2017

Info on using Three Preloaded Data sims in the UK and abroad

  1. Minxy Girl
    The info is supplied to try to answer the often asked questions of what mobile broadband data sims are usable abroad as well as in the UK without incurring massive roaming charges.

    'Three' currently allow their data sims to be used abroad in 42 'Feel at home' countries, in the same way you would in the UK although there is some limitation of how long you can use them out of the UK.

    The information is mainly aimed at those who have PRELOADED data sims and NOT those on monthly or long term contracts with 'Three' although some of it is relevant to these too.

Recent Reviews

  1. mr maz
    mr maz
    Version: Updated 22 Feb 2017
    Useful info but may need a little updating after 18 months.
  2. WhiteCheyenneMan
    Version: Updated 22 Feb 2017
    The definitive guide.......probably!
  3. Speve
    Version: Updated 22 Feb 2017
    This gives excellent advice on usage especially when in FAH countries top marks Minxy
  4. Lee Fryer
    Lee Fryer
    Version: Updated 1 Feb 2017
    First class
  5. jessthedog
    Version: Version 2
    Thanks, very informative. I will get one when we go to France
  6. keith
    Version: Version 2
    Very clear useful information with scenarios explaning actual usage.
  7. SmithsInFrance
    Version: Version 2
    Wish I'd found and read this earlier! Didn't realise complicated the system was. Many thanks
  8. Bill_OR
    Version: Version 2
    This document provides relevant information that I would probably not have found out about until it was too late!
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