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Taking a Motorhome to Morocco Version 8

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Following our 2019 trip but before Brexit.
A significant change in vehicle import/export procedures plus various amendments based on our further experiences
Minor amendments to show latest ferry fare. Also addition of "Fiche" for travelling in Western Sahara area
Updated with minor amendments for the 2017 season
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Following our presentation at the Malvern show it was suggested that we add these info sheets to the original Resource. Please note that these are personal opinions based on what we found , experienced and did.
Updated July 2015 in preparation for Morocco 2016
Thanks to CherryPirate, will now post it as a PDF
Right - thanks to CherryPirate, I've converted it to PDF which anybody should be able to read
Included is a Police Checkpoint Identification Document for use in Southern Morocco and Western Sahara.