Pub Stopovers Updated March 2016

Pubs that have been known to allow MH to stop overnight

  1. keith
    Wadale Head Inn.jpg
    Wastdale Head Cumbria
    This is a Google map of pubs that I started collecting over 10 years ago when starting to travel in our motor-home.
    Tan hill with MH.jpg
    Tan Hill, Bowes Moor
    Many have been recommended by other motor homers either to me personally or by broadcasting publicly in the internet.
    Some make a charge to stop some have their own camp site but many just want you to spend in their pub, and as you will save a site fee I don't think that's unreasonable.
    The Ship at Langstone
    If you know of any not on the map send me a message and I will add them. You will find co-ordinates on many of the descriptions to help you find your way to the pub.
    Ramsholt Arms2.JPG

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  1. adgy
    Version: Updated March 2016
    This will really come in handy! Thanks
  2. The Wino
    The Wino
    Version: Updated March 2016
    Used a few times works well similar to britstops but no book to buy
  3. PP Bear
    PP Bear
    Version: Updated March 2016
    Excellent resource, well done and thank you.
    Version: Updated March 2016
    Brilliant resource, thank you.