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Find Your Membership Number

  1. Jim
    Sometimes you may need to find your membership number, also known as your Funster Number.

    Numbers are issued sequentially, so Jim is Funster no 1 and as I write this the latest member is Mega dad who is the 37,439th member to sign up.

    You can see the Funster Number on his profile card when you click in his name. Here it is picked out by the red arrow.

    You can click on your own name and it works just the same. Find yourself in the Who's On Line box on the right if most site pages.

    Find your username in that box and click on it. You'll see your own member-card so you can make a note of your Funster Number (y)

Recent Reviews

  1. biglamin
    I needed proof of membership for my motorhome insurance - first company ever to request it in all the years of caravanning and 'rhoming. Only problem is it only states the year joined unless Im missing something (like expiry date or renewal)!
  2. RosieP
    had completely lost my details. This is so useful.
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