Make Your First Post

Sounds simple but we will see......
Just simple, thanks.
Thank you for the instructions, I’m sure I’ll mess them all up.
Thanks anyway.
Thank you useful for helping me make my first post.. not very tech savvy
Seems good to me
Great stuff Thanks
Very helpful thanks
Great for us beginners (y)
Very helpful thanks
Just what I needed Jim, no doubt we will have questions. thansk for the great site.
First impressions are excellent, really helpful.
very helpful, thanks!
Just subscribed and loads of simple instructions just what I like,cheers.
brilliant shows me exacly how to start I had no idea xxx
Thanks for the tutorial Jim, great source of info
Great source of info, thoughts and advice.
Great resource, thanks Jim
Thanks for the guidance Jim, great resource.
Thanks for the tutorial Jim.
Cheers Jim, great tutorial