How to get Camper Caravan and Truck Routes on TomTom Go

If you use the Tomtom Go App on Android or Iphone you can use Truck, Camper or Caravan routes without forking out for an expensive satnav. For £14.99 a year the Tomtom Go App gives you world maps, updates, traffic cameras, and live traffic. Plus you can install on more than one device and share all routing between them when they connect to the web. You will need to install and subscribe to the tomtom Go App (£14.99 per year) and then either install the Tomtom Mydrive App, which is free! Or open it on a PC/Mac. Once you have downloaded it you will need to log in using the same email and password you use on either the app or your Tomtom Device. If you haven't registered an account you will need to do so, and it is free to do. Now we have our Tomtom Go Android/iplone or stand alone device all ready we can open Tomtom Mydrive, I will show a video of it on a PC but it can be done on the app. The video ends once I have saved the route. After this if you open your tomtom Go device it will come up with a notice on screen and by audio announcement "You have Received a new route" this route will have used all the truck or camper settings you set in the original route plan.