Exporting a Motorhome from the UK to Australia 1.0

An experience of exporting a Motorhome to Australia and getting it approved to be on the road.

  1. Razzo
    In 2015 we decided to ship our secondhand Burstner Motorhome to Australia when we returned after spending 4 years touring in Europe. The conditions that were applied to us by the Australian Govt were for a returning Australian citizen who had owned and used the vehicle for more than a year. The landing steps were the ones that we had in New South Wales and the regulations for road approval were those for South Australia.
    This is not applicable for shipping a motorhome for touring and then returning. It would be a lot simpler if that is the case. If someone is planning to import into a different state then check their rules before commencing the process.
    I have included shipping and compliance costs.

Recent Reviews

  1. adventure before dementia
    adventure before dementia
    Version: 1.0
    Considering exporting to New Zealand and this article is very useful outlining similar hurdles to overcome. Thank You.
  2. OZeRV
    Version: 1.0
    A good overview of successfully exporting a motorhome from UK and importing it into Australia which is complicated because of the myriad of rules and regulations we have in each of our states. As an Aussie I can appreciate the hoops you have had to jump through.
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