Chausson 626 (2014) REMOVING DRIVERS SEAT


  1. Saltings
    These are brief notes to help anyone remove the drivers seat from a 2014 Chausson/Fiat Ducato. Remember models vary from year to year!!

    You will need to do the following:
    1. Get a friend who can help to lift the seat, they are very heavy.
    2. Remember that you cannot have the ignition on during the process because you will be disconnecting the airbag wires! :LOL: No accidents plse.!
    3. First thing will be to take away the plastic side panels beneath the seat (screwed on and the one next to the door which houses the handbrake will only require loosening.)
    4. In the Fiat Ducato we have two rails beneath the seat. There were two bolts at the motor home end of each rail and one Allan screw at the cab end. These require removing.
    5. Beneath that there is a metal plate covering all of the battery with a hole in the centre, beneath the seat, through which all the wires go to the battery terminals. This is held down with 13 mm bolts (?I think they were) andd this will require carefulling removing, BUT and its a big BUT:
    6. You will then see the single wire that connects the bottom of the seat which is what activates the airbag. You can take this off, but remember EXACTLY what it was screwed to - one end is earthed to the seat rail by the handbrake.
    7. Having taken the wire off the seat and the plate beneath it should come away, and this is where you will require someone in the cab to lift and someone outside to carry the seat. Remember it IS VERY HEAVY.
    8. You then have access to the habb. battery compartment.
    To put it back together again just reverse the operations and remember to screw the earth for the airbag to the screw hole that it came out of!

    THESE NOTES REFER TO THE FOLLOWING REG. YEAR 2014, so things may be slightly different from year to year. Sorry but I can't take responsibility - these notes are just for guidance.

    Trust this acts as a "guide" in the meantime and good luck! It took a breakdown engineer and myself about two hours to complete the job