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How to add an Avatar to your profile

  1. Jim
    Most members of the site have an Avatar. This a small picture that appears alongside every post and communication they make. This makes it easy to quickly see who said what as you learn the different Avatars. There are no strict rules as to what you can use as an avatar picture. Some prefer a straightforward picture of themselves, other might use a pet, their motorhome anything in fact. As long as it is not offensive or if you are a dealer of some kind, commercial, then anything goes. The best size is 200 pixels square. The following instructions will show you how to add one to your profile.

    Look at the top right blue menu and hover (click on a tablet) from the dropdown (or page on a tablet)

    In this example the users name is 'Tests'


    choose 'Avatar'


    Browse your computer for the picture you want to use. a Minimum OF 200 PIXELS SQUARE


    Choose it. and then once it's uploaded, click OK


    Thereafter your Avatar will appear everywhere you do.So choose something you can live with!


    Follow the same procedure to replace an Avatar

    Here is a video guide to the procedure, made by DevonBeeKeeper (thanks)
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  1. rb62
    30 secs job done!
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