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    Iam hoping you can help - your answer to a similiar question made me think that you may be able to - I have a TEC628 motorhome and I am trying to find the dump valve - it was in for repair over the winter and I think they drained it down - I am trying to fill now and it is just running out of the bottom the garage said I need to close the dump valve but I dont know where it is??!!!
    Most dump valves are situated very close to the boiler. You may need to trace the outlet pipe, you will be looking for an inline tap with a lift up type handle on it, or you could be looking for a black dome with a blue Tee on top. If you have the black one, you will need to push a button in at the base of the flat side and turn the handle through 90 Degs. Hope this helps. If not more than happy to re-think
    thank you I found it I think it - its a truma one which you pull the valve up - the water is no longer coming out the bottom but it isnt coming out of taps either!! I followed the instruction - opening taps on hot and it seem to be flowing freely then turned off when I turned back on no water - it gurgles but doesnt seem to be coming through.
    As long as you can hear the pump running, give it time. Mine can take up to a min to pul through. Beacause of the tap open, you may well have a air block, but shoud clear. When water flows, give it time to continue.
    Hi I’ve heard that you have a sunlight A72, we are considering purchasing a 2018 van, however I’ve posted on here what people think of them, I had one reply advising that they have issues and warranties are poor, hows yours been? Have you had any nightmares
    We love ours. I must of missed your original post. If you can link to it I’ll see who posted that reply. No issues with our what so ever except for one “bubbled” cupboard door which was fixed under warrrenty straight away. Build quality is good and you get a lot of Ban for your money. My wife says there is a sunlight motorhome owners on Facebook.
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