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    Is it helpful to post videos or images of the work we do?

    Pictures always help, go for it.
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    Free MotorhomeFun YearBook and Journal

    Will use one for sure, just ordered!
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    Ducato first year service

    I'm aligned with the 'old school', oil change every 12 months.
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    DFDS Newcastle - Amsterdam changing ships

    The deal was pulled yesterday, the owners could not meet the delivery dates. They are pretty old ships though.
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    Picked Up A Stalker In The Dark

    Worth mentioning that yesterday we traveled down the Ayrshire coast south of Girvan and saw more seals basking than ever before. It's normal to see a few on the rocks at high tide but there were dozens of them.
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    Extension cable had arcked

    It can only arc if there is a flow of current. It should be shut down before disconnecting.
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    Awning lighting, what do you use?

    Awning light.
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    Water heater when travelling

    I only drained mine 3 days ago because the forecast was for a frost and the van is sitting on the drive. I shall fill it before setting off on our next trip.
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    New spring via a breakers yard?

    Buy a box of springs from Ebay.
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    Cure and then prevention. Traps to catch the blighters first, then remove all sources of food from the van, if there's no food they won't come. For the traps my bait of choice is peanut butter, had great success using it.
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    Labour of Love

    We live in a rural area, no bonfires, few fireworks and no Diwali. Biggest problem is fly ash from wood burning stoves, they've become a nuisance.
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    Labour of Love

    Having just spent the morning cleaning the roof of the van it strikes me that it is a labour of love. Only we can see how dirty it is from a bedroom window, none of our neighbours can see it and when on site nobody sees it. However, once completed there is a certain amount of satisfaction...
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    Wannabe Motorhomer

    Hello and welcome from another Geordie! When buying a van it's all about layout, get that sorted and then look at the different makes. Oh, and France is really very nice, especially for motorhomes.
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    White oval GB sticker is required for EU travel

    Always had one, though it looks a bit faded now.
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    Fridge Freezer Gas Usage Performance

    I agree with the above. The instructions for my Fridge/Freezer state quite clearly that the freezer compartment is not intended for freezing food but only for storing frozen food. In practice it will freeze food as we have done many times, though best not to load too much in at once.