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    Hello everyone

    Hello And Welcome to Motorhome Fun :thumb::thumb:
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    Hello Ralf Welcome to Motorhome Fun :thumb::thumb:
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    New to this

    Hi emma and welcome to motorhome fun :thumb:
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    Going anywhere for the Bank Holiday??

    We're off to The Great Dorset Steam Fair, leaving tonight to beat the rush :Smile: Have a great bank holiday everyone & happy travels :thumb:
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    hi, were sam & joe & ralphs in the photo

    Hi & Welcome :thumb: If you look through Ebay, there's afew donor vehicles, hope you get sorted and back on the road soon :Smile:
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    Wildcamping in Liverpool ????

    If you don't find anywhere else, your welcome to use our front :thumb: There's a 36ft by 20ft space going free that weekend :Laughing:
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    Wildcamping in Liverpool ????

    You could have parked on our front (if you don't mind weeds:Laughing:) as we'll be away at the Great Dorset Steam Fair over the bank holiday but we're a 20 minute bus ride to the city centre. We never drive into Liverpool as its difficult to park at the best of times. You could park on the...
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    Wildcamping in Liverpool ????

    Are you looking to leave your motorhome and walk back to it and wildcamp after the festival or are you looking for somewhere to drive to after the festival???
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    Hi and welcme to motorhome fun :thumb::thumb:
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    Hi Folks - This is my first post

    HI and welcome to Motorhome fun:thumb::thumb: Just a thought, but would it not be easier to use your on board tank, or doesn't it have one? and run the water through the taps.
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    Motorhome virgin here

    Hi peter s welcome to motorhome fun:thumb:
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    Introducing ourselves!!

    Hi and welcome to motorhome fun:thumb:
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    Why cant they leave us alone !!!!

    you could try this man on ebay he has everything you need ???fiat ducato talbot express motorhome breaking on eBay (end time 24-Jul-09 21:37:51 BST)
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    Hi pete & jenny and welcome to motorhome fun :thumb:
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    Broken wheel stud

    you need an easy out witch you can buy from most motor factors :thumb: