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    How to access all the energy I’m creating via solar and storing…

    Why not turn your fridge from gas to battery. That will help your gas consumption by using your free stored electricity. I do this quite often when not on hookup. Of course this depends on your actual system & equipment. You do need to keep an eye on the battery state of charge. A smart shunt...
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    Fitting a lithium battery

    One of the many considerations when changing to Li & selecting a new Inverter to go with it, is the maximum permissible current draw from the Li battery as it will be far less than you can get from lead acid type batteries. My Li battery is 100 amps max. Also ideally all the kit, solar...
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    Using cab air conditioning to cool down hab on site .

    It's just like a vacuum does it know
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    Rally Retro Festival NEWBURY 2022

    My " review " is completely valid, negative or otherwise and it does not relate the camc camping area. The problems in the main, do not relate to which organisation you are camping with. But relates to poor organisation, planning & lack of action by the show ground and the Retrofest team. Are...
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    Help needed - Thetford electric flush toilet.

    I have had a similar fault, the pump / flush did not stop thus flooding the bowl. We thought we managed to stop the problem by repeatedly operating the switch. A short while later we noticed that water was flowing all over the hab floor. We isolated the water pump switch to stop the flow. A...
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    Rally Retro Festival NEWBURY 2022

    Dear adi4. I am sorry that I have clearly upset you, with my post. I did make it clear that I did not book the event with Fun but with the Caravan & Motorhome Club. No criticism was intended against you or Fun. I am sure you are working very hard to arrange the show on behalf of Fun members...
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    Rally Retro Festival NEWBURY 2022

    We went a couple of years ago, never again. The camping side of the event was very poor. Poor toilet & Elsan disposal facilities, often not working or closed. Lack of water points. The EHU late & unreliable. The camping site was changed at the last minute, thus the grass had not been cut, far...
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    I’ve acquired a dog!

    Do you know the vaccination history (if any) of your dog. This may be helpful. Also you need to talk to your vet for full details of what treatment(s) you dog will need & the time factors for the injections & paperwork, in particular for Rabies. Also your dog needs to be chipped by law & other...
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    For the motorhome owner who has everything.

    There is a narrow boat on the Thames that is constructed & painted to give the impression of a German sub. it looks very sinister & fun at the same time. It is real & has not a Photoshop job.
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    Motorhomes are banned!!!

    We were in Waymouth recently, in the main shopping center car park. It was massive with spaces for loads of cars etc at £2/ hour. It was almost empty. It had a notice that allowed for motor homes....4.6 meters max length, in very small writing that could be easily missed. . What is the point of...
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    As Bike Battery Renewal

    Try a company called Strike a light. They have been in the business of selling rechargeable cells & rebuilding batteries for many years. Worth a try.
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    Cracked tank bottom access cap

    Have you tried Tek-tanks they make a range of standard & custom tanks for boats. they may have the correct fitting.
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    Thetford C2 blade not opening fully

    Try U TUBE , there are some good self help videos on the maintenance of the cassette
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    Own a Hymer Exsis with the Right front indicator problem!

    I have had the same problem with my 2019 Hymer Exsis I. I understand that the same faulty sub standard loom is used on all A class Hymers. Very disappointing. My dealer would not deal with it under warranty. The good thing was the very quick & accurate response from Funsters, which allowed me...
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    Another lithium battery question

    Hi. I have a 120 Ah Eco Tree fitted Victron (shunt, B2B, Mppt) system, So far very happy. Massive payload gain. I have pulled the fuse to disable the ELB 30 charging on hook up. I have not needed hook up so far since the changed to Li. We only have a 150 watt solar panel but that seems fine. I...