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    Posh Pub Stop for a birthday ?

    What about the Gloucester Old Spot near Cheltenham? That is not far from "the Midlands" and some might even say it was in it! They allow overnight stays if you are eating.
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    FOR SALE Smart Fortwo Cabrio Tow car

    I was unsure as to how you have managed to garage it every night whilst having towed it behind your motorhome for many years. Did you only do day trips in your motorhome or did you find sites with garages to rent?
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    From LR1218 to Votronic solar controller

    I have the same EBL. There was no need to modify the lead. I checked the wire colours in the LR1218 manual, connected the two main output wires from the votronic to the relevant colours then the 1smp starter output to the other. My panel now shows the amps going into the leisure battery but not...
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    800 by 500 blind

    I can't help with instructions but many years ago I bought a blind for a Swing and never used it. If you can't repair yours you might consider a replacement. I am away at the moment so can't confirm the size til I get back.
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    From LR1218 to Votronic solar controller

    Apologies for the late response and big quote, I am away walking and can only access the group on my phone. I did not consider the Votronic lead as it would not charge the starter battery with running a separate lead. Also it was expensive, I could have sourced the plug and wired it myself, but...
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    Camping-car park card for France ?

    I was on the CCP at Vannes a few days ago and that filled up every night but people kept moving on and there were generally spaces til at least early afternoon. Spaces are marked out so no chance of random parking causing spaces to be lost. It is nicely located for a walk or bus into Vannes...
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    Pass Etape wifi

    You need to download the pdf list of aires, the passwords are on there. Mostly you use your email address.
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    M20 Closure this Weekend

    I think he is two-timing.
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    Hiking boot recommendations?

    I have Altberg boots, they are really well made and there are lots of sizes and widths so you should find something to fit. No point in saving a few quid on something less good when you live so close. The code ALT75 should get you a discount.
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    My new best friends - DVLA

    DVLA told me it would be 3 years from the issue of the new licence but I could not understand the logic in that. The rules forbid applying more than 3 months before the expiry of the old licence, so one would assume this was because one would keep the existing renewal date - a bit like the 1...
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    My new best friends - DVLA

    Was the new licence issued valid for 3 years from the date of expiry of the old one or from the date of issue of the new one? Jim
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    Motorhome height restrictions

    So Cliff Richard and friends could not have another Summer Holiday?
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    Copilot Caravan - "New beginning"

    I too had the old co-pilot with the road profiling and thought the newer versions were a backward step. Earlier this year I had a very long conversation with their "help" desk, who initially fobbed me off with weak excuses as has been previously documented on this forum. Over a few weeks I kept...
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    Replacing leisure battery - order of operations

    Fortunately on the Frankia the battery is in a large underfloor locker and access to the terminals is no problem. I have not yet tried loosening the bolts so I am hoping they are easy enough, but getting a tool to them won't be an issue. The point about the photo is a good general tip for all...
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    Replacing leisure battery - order of operations

    Good plan, maybe I need to visit my son.