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    I am getting mixed messages over travel insurance. Nationwide are telling me now that they will cover medical expenses due to Covid even though the FCDO site is advising 'against all but essential travel', but should the advice become 'against all travel' this will not be covered. So France is...
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    Forestry 'Stay the night' spots in Scotland.

    Stayed at Clatteringshaws 'Stay the night' last year, a very disturbed night with cars coming and going for hours, torches flashing, people in backs of cars, a lot of noise! Supposed to be a dark skies area but do stargazers behave like that?
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    What have you seen on Aires…

    We were on a paying aire in a lovely Italian town, two Dutch women in a small ordinary van asked the person beside us if they could put their tent on her pitch behind her camper. She said no as the site was regularly checked by the town police. The couple them moved to the main carpark and...
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    Can you use self-builds on Aires?

    We have used loads of aires, sostas, stellplatz, etc in many countries and have never seen any regulation that says a shower is a criterion for access. Totally agree that every van should have a lavatory, we were discussing vanlifers with our grand-daughter the other day and she said it seems...
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    Fun CL Jasmin Camping

    Just back, I posted a couple of photos of the beach which we enjoyed in brilliant sunshine. Great little site, met some Funsters, bought some eggs, particularly like that it is adults only.
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    Caravan and Motorhome Club Cl 5 units?

    There must be people other than us who, when looking at a CL/CS site actually do not want what Eggs rightly says has cost a fortune to set up. We aren't bothered about electricity, drainage, toilet and shower, elsan and fresh water, on every site we stay. We understand that others do want these...
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    New upholstery

    Looks good, what does your cat think?
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    Optimistic Eurotunnel Booking

    Hope it works out for you. As it's a Frequent Traveller booking you can always change it if things go wrong.
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    We're off at last ... watch out wild haggis here we come!

    Well I would head for Glencaple, it's a lovely spot on the Nith with great sunsets, weather permitting of course. Dumfries and Galloway used to be so quiet and tourist free, but seems to be getting busier and busier so get there reasonably early. Have a great holiday, especially after the...
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    We're off at last ... watch out wild haggis here we come!

    Yes, sorry,west. I was still thinking of Glencaple! If you put Scottish Forestry 'stay the night' into your search engine you'll get a description of the scheme and a list of sites where overnights are allowed. You'll see Dalbeattie 7 Stanes in the list. There is also overnighting at Ae Forest...
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    We're off at last ... watch out wild haggis here we come!

    Quite a lot more driving to Isle of Whithorn, perhaps save that glorious spot for later. Scottish Forestry has a 'Stay the Night' site south of Dalbeattie about half an hour east of Sweetheart Abbey. There's quite a lot of places there.
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    We're off at last ... watch out wild haggis here we come!

    You could try Glencaple Pier, it's on the River Nith, east side so before you get to Sweetheart Abbey. No set charge but contributions very welcome, only four or five specific MH places and it might be busy. A lovely spot.
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    Tell me the best region of France

    We find France Passion to be a very mixed bag. Some sites are absolutely great and it is an opportunity to talk to some French people and stay in out-of-the-way places. We have some wonderful memories. However I would say we have stayed at probably half of the places we have intended, and have...
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    Buying land France Spain or Portugal

    We knew some-one who bought a lovely piece of land in France with a view to doing something similar. However, after buying the land he found out that the Mayor was able to put restrictions on its use. He told us that the Mayor wouldn't allow the siting of anything at all that could be lived or...