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    Our First Mototorhome

    hi and welcome! :WelcomeFlag: You will have amazing times ahead and so many places to explore, we have named our moho jules, may see you all on our travels.
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    MH security

    The £20 Vodaphone Curve comes with a Vodaphone Sim built in. It costs £2 each month when you have registered.
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    MH security

    we have a tracker that we put our own motorhome with a vfone sim in it costs £5 pm. I soldered it in a hidden place, then we rent a space on a satellite from gps for 12 euro,s per year,its very accurate to within a few meters,you can set up a geo fence, if it leaves that area you...
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    Cup holder

    under a tenner on fleabay,fits in a radio cassette size hole,for me it fits snugly inside a little pod that was a waste of dash space
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    Second Leisure Battery

    just a quick question, can i use another leisure battery to run the fridge when the engine is off ? i think the ehu charges the 120amp lithium leisure battery, and possibly the alternator also charges it when the engine is running, i would like to use another battery just to run the 12v side of...
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    Internet when away

    hi hope this is of some use to you,we bought this MIFI wireless router unlocked to any network,whilst away i pop my sim card in and can use lots of devices etc laptop ipad we have a 3d dvd player with all the apps on so if we wish can use the netflix or amazon prime app amongst a lot of other...
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    Will the last person to use the bathroom turn out the lights?

    hi here is a cheap little gadget it may or may not help
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    Jumped in with both feet !

    welcome w2f you have come to the right place, the Funsters on here will always have an answer for the issues you will encounter as a Motorhomie they are the font of all knowledge, and very forthcoming!
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    Puncture prevention whilst travelling, are we all concerned? Here is one solution

    Hi, they have franchises all over the UK, I'm sure the one closer to me could point you in the right direction, to one near to your area.
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    Puncture prevention whilst travelling, are we all concerned? Here is one solution

    Yes no amount of puncture goo will repair wall damage as nothing will. Funny you mention about the spare tyre, I decided to remove mine from underneath, It's never been off since new. I used a trolley jack to take the weight and the 16mm nuts holding the tyre cradle up were seized solid. It...
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    Puncture prevention whilst travelling, are we all concerned? Here is one solution

    We joined Motorhome Fun for any information, tips and ideas that may help us on our travels, we have gained much more than that, all the Funsters have made us very welcome and have been very helpful and knowledgeable. There is always someone on here that has covered almost every subject, or...
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    2021 Motorhome Yearbook/Travel Journal

    Thanks Jim, we are looking forward to filling ours in! Counting the days
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    MOT and lockdown

    insurance companies look for any reason not to pay out, anything you leave out on a quote, points on licence,or a driver awareness for excess speed /traffic light offence, or any modification which would alter your'e premium,anything at all ! any changes like bigger wheels,alloy wheels too are...