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Mar 24, 2019 at 6:45 PM
Aug 22, 2012
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North Somerrzet and Tenby.
Both now Retired.

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Funster, from North Somerrzet and Tenby.

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Mar 24, 2019 at 6:45 PM
    1. Frankia 840
      Frankia 840
      Hi Trikeman.....I was just looking at an old post of yours about fitting a draft skirt to your motorhome. Saw the picture and it looks very neat. I especially like the idea of sticking it. Has this system worked for you and what make of awning rail did you use. Not keen to start drilling yet but do need to solve the skirt issue...... Would appreciate any advise..............Regards..........Graeme
    2. scottie
      Not sure where to put this post, not not arriving until Friday about mid day. Was due Thursday. Johnboscoirl. Thanks
    3. Traveller_HA5_3DOM
      We seem to be missing off your list. We paid and were confirmed on 23rd Feb. Last email from Terry said bring copy of confirmation with you.
      Keith and Pauline.
    4. currynutter
      Hello Trikeman.
      Sorry for delay,have not been able to access forum for ages,
      Not only that,don't know how to,or what is a pm.
      Hope this gets to you somehow.
      Currynutter ( John and Chris Mc Loughlin )
      Hymer 680 ( 8 m. Long).
      Reg.DX 13 CMO.
      Hope to arriveThurs 6 Aug. am.
      Best regards,
      1. Trikeman
        Hi @currynutter

        got your message and thanks for the information - you are now in red on the first page and we have your details. Would have come back to you earlier, however been away in MoHo for a few days and threw away the laptop, tablet and mobile phone.(y)


        Trikeman. ;)
        Apr 6, 2015
    5. chippy63
      Hi Info you require for the balloon rally,

      Number (as on list) ...............16

      Fun Name (yours) ................chippy63

      Full Name (booked in) .......... ...........Karl Stock

      Van Registration ...................FH53 CUY

      Van Length (approx meters) ................6.2.

      Arrival Date ......................7th

      Departure Date ...................9th

    6. Masman
      Hiya Heres the info you need for ballon fest.No13. Masman. Dave Thompson.FN54EUT.7m Long. we arrive on 7th& Leave on 10th.Looking forward to meeting everyone on our first Rally.
      1. Trikeman likes this.
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    North Somerrzet and Tenby.
    Both now Retired.
    MH Type:
    Van Conversion.
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    Since 2011.
    Traveling and photography.
    An old (ish) man about to enjoy life ;o) and now retired.

    Motorhome-ing, Cycling & Nature, now trying to get a hang of my new camera.

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    Don't moan about being, or getting old - it is a wonderful privilege denied to many.:)
    Always look on the bright side of life - Doo, d, doo, do, do, do, do, deety, doo. :roflmto:
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