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    Anyone in the market for a 746?

    Lol... All ok, out of isolation but not like there is anywhere to go or anything to do. Rest of family will be released tomorrow and they are all ok now. Thanks for asking, however I will continue taking the hobgoblin, I mean medicine. 👍👍
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    Anyone in the market for a 746?

    It's an old post. February 2019 plus the poster is a "free member" as in, not a subscriber so may well not even be on here now. I would assume they have got rid by now 👍👍
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    Gas Usage Seems High In Adria Sunliving

    Like when I had a "water trail" 👍😂😂
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    Motorized waste valves

    Thanks ... BUT... The Burstner has one as standard 😁👍 :wink:
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    Bookings Software

    My daughter operates a nail salon from home (when she's allowed) . She uses a booking system on Facebook, don't know much about it but seems to work well for her and free as far as I know. May be handy to link in with a Facebook page.
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    Sorn Refund any one else still waiting

    Did mine but it was DD. Payment got took on 1st but refund back in bank on 10th. 👍 Maybe cheques taking longer plus postal delays.
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    Air assist rear suspension and insurance company

    Done it on 2 past vans and advised insurance, no extra premium. My understanding for the reason to notify them is : you have an accident, if the modification is notified and is damaged then it will get replaced / repaired.
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    Autotrail Charging Question It states. That it does charge both, output split between the leisure and cab batteries. Not a selectable smart option like on other units.
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    Morroco - Desert Detours

    Do like many already have. Read up on the many Morocco threads here on fun, post when you are thinking of going and you may get company to travel with. Desert detours was an option I looked at before we went over with 17 funster vans back in 2013. Glad we did it on our own / fun group.
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    EC200/PS2007 Problems

    Not 100% certain but the external temperature may have been an optional extra and may not even be fitted. On later panels there is a feature for tank heaters but again it was there ready for an optional heater if fitted.
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    Heating on hookup not fan heater

    1. Oil radiator 2. Convertor heater 3. Infra red heater. 4. Electric blanket.
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    Hi from Lichfield

    Welcome from Cannock 👍
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    Auto-Trail Tail Scraping

    As above. Air suspension. Did my Apache 700 with a kit off eBay, pretty easy DIY fit and less than £300. You need to check what chassis is used first, fiat or Alko. Alko not as easy or as cheap.
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    Avtex or a an other

    I'm a cheapskate. Medion from Aldi 21" £120..👍 12v/mains. Freeview and free to air satellite built in. For how much we watch TV it does us, has all the features Inc media player for using a hard drive or USB stick.
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    Safefill refill

    Sounds like they also have the wrong adaptor.