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    Carmarthen Motorhome show 2010

    Very sorry but we are going to have to drop out of this one, have had some changes and am unable to make the dates now. Very sorry but have given you as much notice as I have been able to. Cya at another one. Kevin & Lisa
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    diabetes restrictions

    Having been in your exact position I would just like to add, you DO have to notify DVLA of your condition regardless of the treatment. Diet and tablets are fine and they will normally not impose any restriction as soon as you move on to insulin as I did they then remove the entitlement to drive...
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    Looking for somewhere for December

    We have just booked a weekend at the caravan club site in Minehead. Meets your requirment to be near the sea, allows pets and is open in December. I cant tell you what it is like, but we have fancied the site since getting our van in May, and right through the summer it was fully booked every...
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    Fax Software For A PC

    I ditched the software route many months back, just more hassle than its worth. Give a try, takes a couple minutes to set up the send and receive bits but once its done your away. £5 per month, gives you 100 sheets outgoing and 200 incoming to an 0800 number they give you, then all...
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    Carmarthen Motorhome show 2010

    HI This sounds a good on to me, put us down please 2 adults and one child, Thursday till Sunday. Thanks Kevin & Lisa
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    Adria Coral 670SL

    WE have the Izola which is the family (6 Birth) equivalent and have had no problems at all. It was the only vehicle that fitted us exactly and with it being on the renault chassis we felt it even better. Not sure if its still available but when ours was purchased new (not by us) Adria did a...
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    Proof of belonging?

    Maybe just put your certificate details in your first post, print it, take out the details again and post that onto them. Its amazing they want proof you belong to a free community, if you had to pay to join they probably wouldn't want to see anything hehe.
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    5 b***y 30!!!!

    Haha thats so like ours lol. We brought our van home last night from storage ready for the off tonight and our springer Misty started barking when we backed on the drive. While I was sorting some bits out the misses put the covers on the dogs seat and her bed in, that was it the dog was in the...
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    Electric Bikes

    I liked the look of them over in Holland, I also thought the little cars that could also use certain cycle paths were excellent, just a tad smaller and I reckon I could have got one in my garage LOL save me the hassle of trying to pick up a second hand aframe and tow car. The only downside I...
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    Electric Bikes

    Yep we have 3 in the family, two fold ups for the garage at the back and was so impressed with the damn things bought myself a mountain bike for home. PowaRider - Electric Bikes Thats who we dealt with and have to say service and backup service was excellent, they guy even opened out of hours...
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    If you don't get any joy for finding a source drop me a pm and i will send you one next week when i get back to work, our insurance company sent us a load enclosed with accident packs, fortunatley we have not needed to use all the packs and i can take one apart for the form. Kevin
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    Had an excellent time in malvern and picked up a couple things for the van at the same time. Kayleigh not stopped talking about the fun she had with your daughter alan, thanks for the warm welcome on arrival. Thanks very much to the hosts for sorting out all the finer details which turned out...
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    Anyone fancy a meet October Half Term

    Was planning on a return trip back here to holland for that week but if it does not work out would be happy to join you.
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    Motorhome, Smart car & trailer for sale

    Could you also send me details of the smart and trailer please as its something i have been looking at. Regards Kevin
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    warning for the use of broadband dongles abroad

    Orange have a new bundle for their contract data dongles, orange eurpe data daily, comes in about £7.xx + vat per day used and includes the first 50mb, not fantastic but if you use it mainly for forums and catching up on e-mail etc it works out not much diffrent to a paid for wifi connection...