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  • Hi Neil,

    Can you give Mick a call 01142691155, he wants to talk box trailer.
    Hi, A few months ago you posted about an MP3 500 and a Hydratrail. May I ask, did you get the MP3, are you happy with it and does the Hydratrail manage to do what you want it to do? I'm slightly worried the MP3 500 might be over the limit of the hydratrail.

    Glad as a "Vincent" rider you survived the sixties a the "The Vincent Boys" of Welwyn Garden City alas did not.
    I offered to buy Dave a wing years ago but he declined. big regret. Hope to see you out sometime.
    Nice bike, Dave and I gave up a couple of years ago, he is 80 and arthritus in the hand did not help. Dave had Kawaski Z750E 1980 american import, big heavy bike, we could both ride it but I used to pillion when not riding my Kawsaki Zephyr 550. When I met Dave in 1961 he had a Triumph Tiger Ton Ten 650cc, and it did a ton ten. had to sell when married as pram did not fit in top box..
    Thanks, we still ride but nowhere near as much as we used to. Merilyn had a Virago and then two 1500 GoldWing trikes. The Wing was too heavy for her. I had a Vincent Black Shadow when we met in 1966 which was replaced with a BMW R69S and Steib sidecar outfit which we still have. We take the Wing with us in a trailer.
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