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  • Hi Jeff are you taking the RV to misterton . If so we are going and would like to meet you we are looking for an RV as we have talked befor . John n Linda
    the stig
    the stig
    Hi john, yes we will have rv at Misterton as we have decided to not advertise it for a while, will explain why when we see you. See u there Andrea & Jeff
    thankyou stig can you let me now what to do regarding payment etc as just getting use to this but enjoying it
    many thanks wayne&caroline
    Hi Wayne
    Not sure if Andrea has replied, but all you need to do is turn up on the date at saltfleet rally, Andrea will collect the rally fee off you over the weekend.
    Hope you enjoy the meet, we will also be there (weekenders) bob & val
    Hello stig. We joined motorhome fun at the weekend when we were at Newark. We want to go to the Saltfleet gala. Could you help me with this? What do we do? Thanks I advance.
    the stig
    the stig
    Hi Wayne, welcome to motorhome fun, not a problem regards Saltfleet, I will add you to the list, you can follow all messages on this Rally by following the Saltfleet Gala thread in Scheduled Rallies
    best regards
    Andrea & Jeff
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