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  • Hi and sorry to bother you, but I have been given your name by Ambikate. My wife is looking to get an electric tricycle and is interested in the Di Blasi R34 folder. I understand you have one and was wondering what your experiences were with it please. She fell off her bike and broke her arm and now wants something that is more stable.
    Hi, did you find a Diblasi for your wife? I bought another which is twist and go, but we have now decided that Mike has a disabled scooter it would be easier if I had one. The Diblasi has been used once and is like brand new.
    Hi Ginny, I have provisionally sold it but if it falls through I will put it aside for you. Mike
    hi there we in Scarborough on our second week we have managed to keep going away .two weeks away back home cut grass do washing see parents grand children and our children then off we go again .done well this year ..Cornwall and Scotland .east cost and north yorks ..home tomorrow to see our grate grand son /he was born four weeks ago 3lb 4 oz
    he is out of hospital today 4lb see you soon
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    Congratulations on your new great grandson, you are much too young! We have been on Blue Dolphin this weekend, we will have to pick your brains about good campsites, especially if they are near a beach when we meet at Lincoln. Ginny
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