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    Off the boat at Caen , Aire?

    Another vote for hermanville, lovely cakes and bread. ATM in rank of shops. Nice and quiet.
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    Converting a MAN-KAT1 into a motorhome

    Wow, how many gallons/litres to the mile. I used to have an Alvis Stalwart and she did about 4.5 mpg if I was lucky !
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    MotorhomeFun is getting a glossy (Digital) Magazine

    Looks brilliant, best wishes
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    Happy Birthday, Stollysmith.

    Thanks to you all, hope that swmbo and I can meet a few more of you on the road this year.
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    Bristol Park n Ride Near M4

    As far as I know the Long Ashton p & r has no barrier.
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    Blackpool Illuminations

    Many thanks
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    Blackpool Illuminations

    SWIMBO is taking me to see the illuminations straight after the NEC show and we were wondering which of the 3 designated council carparks is best to access the seafront etc.
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    Sit down , have a quick rest and go and see what is over the horizon, it's a big world ! Have a great retirement !
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    2002 Duetto fresh water tank

    I have a 2001 Duetto and had the same problem in that the hook wore through the body seam and the tank dropped down onto the road. I found a bumper repair company that was prepared to do a repair given that they thought it was the same sort of plastic as bumpers. in the end I repaired it with...
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    Plantar Fasciitis + orderly que

    The answer is to stretch the affected area which is easier said than done. Swmbo (ex physio) said to roll my instep on a tennis ball as hard as I could which after a week or so cured it.
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    Hymer T572 stolen locally last night.

    Comfort now require me to fit a tracker on a 2001 duetto transit ! No tracker no insurance. I already have the required thatcham alarm and a clutch claw.
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    security worries ?

    Just had an email from Comfort saying that my Ford autosleeper duetto at renewal requires not only a cat 1 alarm which i have but also a cat 5/6 tracker ! Oh well.
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    Fuel Addictive ?

    Forte diesel treatment is the stuff to use. Follow the instructions and a blast up and down the motorway should do the trick.
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    We Still Have Free Fun Yearbooks Available

    Hello all, just paid by PayPal, can I have a new sticker as well please.