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  • Hi Steve &Brenda. hope you're both OK. missing
    Seeing you out and about up at shell last week
    Weather hell.but still had a good time lots of eating and drinking only had a fire twice the wind at night made the van seem like a boat but that's
    Shell for you .we have been out quite a bit and the van is good .it seems autumn is here so hopefully we'll see you both somewhere next year .kind regards Jan & Mike.
    Hi to you both, hope all is well. Great to hear your out & about. We have been doing the same just got back from a 10 day ride out. Did Southport, the lakes, Durum & skeg. work is getting in the way a bit at the moment but have to get away. Looking forward to seeing you again. x
    Hi steve r u going to the norfolk show as we have got your
    new seitz window catches sorry its taken so long
    cheers chris LOCK-M-OUT
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