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    Pilote 240v sockets,

    Hi daughter has just purchased a new Galaxy G600l and there seems to only be one 240v socket in the kitchen area, is there any forward of this in the lounge area?
  2. Steve N Tracy

    Underslung /Refillable LPG tanks - dirty gas / jet problems

    About 5 months, mind you opened a new Maxel one from a strip that had a expiry date of 12/2024 and it read red to say the battery was shot, tried another from the same strip it was the same, found another unbranded one and that one read full.
  3. Steve N Tracy

    Underslung /Refillable LPG tanks - dirty gas / jet problems

    Had to change the battery in the Mopeka sender yesterday, and to remove the bottle I have to remove the Truma filter from the regulator, as it was off the van I thought I would check the filter there was about half a teaspoon of gloop in the bottom of the filter bowl.
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    Portsmouth site for ferry.

    Sunnydale Farm Close to M27 20 mins from the ferry terminal.
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    Oil warning lights on Euro 6 Ducato

    Recently had the first hab service on our euro 6 Ducato and decided to have the engine oil and Filter changed at the same time as the oil takes a hammering on the first few thousand miles, first trip out had the oil level warning light come on, plugged in a odb code reader faut code p250A fault...
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    Carthago A-class - wibble-wobble needs sorting

    I still have these for sale, I fitted them to our Dethleffs and removed them when I sold it, they are light and worked well, just did not need them on the new van as we had self leveling fitted.
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    We found the Avtex STH3000 aerial less then £40.00 gave good reception stuck to the inside of a window gave good reception when it was too windy to raise the dish.
  8. Steve N Tracy

    What is your favourite cooking appliance?

    Yes plenty big enough for 2 persons.
  9. Steve N Tracy

    What is your favourite cooking appliance?

    On hook up, Pressure King Pro, 3 litre 700 w easy to clean, sears, and cooks either as a pressure cooker or a slow cooker.
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    A class and coach

    As well as the better insulation, a slightly better payload the doors and other steel bits on a coach built carry a weight penalty.
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    Empty fridge syndrome

    Bacon and chedder cheese, we found a French equivalent in a supermarket but it was the same thickness as cling film, love French cheese but sometimes I get nostalgic and want some chedder, bought some French chedder once it was like eating soap lol
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    We have had trouble with the control board it will not communicate by Bluetooth to my phone unless its 3 inches from the control box underneath the van, I have been in communication with Maeve and they have said they are going to send me a new version of the control board as soon as it passes...
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    Brittany ferries food

    We go over from Pompey twice a year, we have no complaints on the price or the quality of the food.
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    Your 2020 Yearbooks ARE on their way.

    Our arrived today. Many thanks
  15. Steve N Tracy

    Terrible dealer!

    I found Highbridge Somerset to be the best dealer we ever delt with, I guess everybody drops the ball occasionally.