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    Sat here listening to the sounds

    We were there last year on our way home. A good place for the final couple of nights at the end of a3.5 month tour of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.
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    Moonbeams festival

    What is it and where please?
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    MotorhomeFun is getting a glossy (Digital) Magazine

    Hi Jim Just checking that you got both the articles and photos? I expect you're mega busy so no worries if you haven't had time too look at them. Steph
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    MotorhomeFun is getting a glossy (Digital) Magazine

    Thanks. I've only written (a little bit) for published mags and they always have their own formats and won't even consider you if you don't follow them. Steph
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    MotorhomeFun is getting a glossy (Digital) Magazine

    Hi Jim This is so exciting! Got an article ready for you. Just a couple of questions. Do you want it single or double spaced, size 12 font, Roman. How many words? This one is about our first ever trip to France when we started out full timing with some useful tips on how to do it. I've got some...
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    Malaga On Monday Where To Stay

    Sorry can't help with Malaga itself but when we went down there we stayed in Torre Del Mar which is a short bus ride away.
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    Lyndon Top in Danger from Council.

    Just tried googling it and the website address comes up with this 'HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable'
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    Cards for European travel

    Wondered that too.
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    Greetings from a new me.

    We went full timing for three years and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately due to illness we had to come back and buy a (small) house so when things got better we could lock it up and still travel. We still go away for month's at a time though and love it. Best thing we ever did.
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    Not a happy bunny

    Did you use your credit card to pay for any of it. If so just check out with them if they can help. I think even if you've only paid a small amount on a card they have to assist you. Also Trading Standards are very helpful. It sounds like you'll have to be tough with them and so all the support...
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    Whats the best damp meter/monitor

    John reckons he could do all the habitation checks we've being paying out for (apart from gas of course) so we just need a good reliable damp meter. Any ideas please? Steph
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    For sale Jack Russell

    Well said! But I'm sure you'd give him a good loving home and plenty of other interesting things to do. Sounds ideal to me - go for it!!
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    For sale Jack Russell

    Just pushing this up again so you're situation is not forgotten. I'm so sorry for you and the unhelpful and unkind postings you're getting. I don't know why some people on here make judgments about things they have no way of knowing. Luckily we're not all like that and so I hope that the kind...
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    Loop heart monitor - travel insurance

    Never even thought of them. Do you have to be a customer?
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    Loop heart monitor - travel insurance

    That is my worry because he will have the monitor for 3 years unless it shows anything.