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  • Great to meet you guys .We have now bought and fitted similar table to yours in the motorhome, keep in touch,
    John and Brenda
    Good morning to you both, it was lovely to meet you too.
    Glad you've swapped the table, you don't hang around šŸ˜‚....it does give a lot more space in that area.
    Got back from Lincoln show on Sunday...managed to pick up 11kg gasit refillable kit for Ā£100 from another funster, so happy with that šŸ‘
    Have you any more trips planned?
    Cheers Gary & Ang x
    John W
    Hi Gary and Ang, we have just booked a ferry to Santander going out on Jan 18th and returning on 2nd March.Probably going to head to Portugal but have not made detailed plans as yet !
    Best Wishes John and Brenda
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