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    Single Beds -your ( constructive) input please

    Lovely looking van, enjoy
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    Lillypad leisure or Quest Popup?

    We had the awning and wind blockers on our first motorhome. We hardly used them if it was too windy then the awning had to go in. Also wind blockers do not shade from the sun. Our new motorhome has no awning and we bought a quest. Brilliant use it a lot. Saved loads of money and it's perfect :)
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    Happy Birthday, Spidey.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes :) had a lovely nice chilled weekend.
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    Bumpy roof on spidey 510 flash

    Yes you have prompted my memory that is what our dealers said.:)
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    Bumpy roof on spidey 510 flash

    We asked our dealership and they said it wasn't an issue. They were not concerned about it. We didn't have an issues with it. We have got a different motorhome now we changed to a bigger one.
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    Decent Dealers in uk

    We have bought both our motorhome from Highbridge and their customer service has been excellent.
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    National Trust or English Heritage - which one for you ?

    I think joining the Scottish one to get a cheaper fee is fine as it still keeps our UK heritage going. Really don't think they should allow buying an overseas one if you don't live there.
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    National Trust or English Heritage - which one for you ?

    We joined both this year, but got more from NT this time around. Over the years have been members of both. Well worth the money as it costs a fortune to run these places. It does sadden me when it is suggested to buy an overseas one and use it here to save money. :unsure: We have stayed at...
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    Advice on Chausson

    Our first van was a Chausson and like you our dealers were trying to persuade us that a used Rapido was a better purchase. We bought the Chausson because we liked the design and it felt very modern. It was fine a few niggles with the electric bed (not Chausson fault, but the bed manufacturer)...
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    I only paid £125 for my Hymer damp check at Highbridge. Didn't think that was too bad for a UK dealer. Such a popular dealership you have to book well in advance.
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    Using the van in the U.K. for New Year

    We have booked Bristol campsite for new year. Never been away in the van for new year and it won't be popular with the 17 year old though! She will enjoy it once she s there :)
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    Devizes ! an a bit of a rant !

    Devizes is lovely, I live nearer Chippenham but Devizes has some lovely little shops. There is so much in the area to visit near by. There is Avebury, Lacock, Castlecoomb, Bowood etc.
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    To buy a Chausson or not to buy a Chausson...

    Our first motorhome was a Chausson. We chose it for its design and style. It didn't let us down, but things like the electric bed (not made by Chausson) was a hassle when it broke. We loved the van but changed after two years to a hymer with a fixed bed. I do notice the change in quality the...
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    Another Newbie, looking for Advice...

    If you don't mind a trip down to ear Weston S Mare then there are a few dealerships that way. You could go to the motor home show just to get an idea on layouts. As said before payload is key.