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  • Simon…. our original dealer wants to buy back our Rollerteam one year old and reduce the value by VAT plus obvious reduction as now a used motorhome. Is this right that a dealer would reduce the buy back value by the VAT they paid which he said was 9k. Another dealer offered us 9k more and didn’t mention VAT. Both VAT registered.
    Hi Simon, you contacted my wife today asking about our Carthago Compactline I144QB. You offered £76k (we are asking £83). We have also been contacted by a couple looking for a 150PS engined version . Ours is 3850kg with Goldschmitt extra front suspension with the heavy chassis, which I think may offer much better payload.
    We would take £80k but not £76.
    Best wishes, Richard
    Hi Simon, I’ve been told that you may be able to help me? I’m currently looking to purchase a auto trail van and the seller has passed me the chassis number so I can check it’s not one of the vans involved in the chattel mortgage scam! Is it true that you mate have or have access to the list of chassis numbers that are affected?
    Hi Simon - saw your recent post about possibly selling someone's MoHo for them. Do you have a pm on here (I can't spot 'pm' on here - might be me being think) so I could drop you an enquiry/details as we're contemplating selling our MoHo. I'd give you details and reason, hopefully not taking up too much of time.
    if you could get me trade and retail prices that would be good details as in my prevoius post
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