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    Who builds the BEST quality Motorhome.

    Hymer, end of šŸ˜.
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    User or useless guides?

    The second is an ignition switch overide giving power to the radio/navigation when the engine is off - on ours anyway.
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    Lost all power

    Curious why you've lost all your 240v sockets as separate from the inverter - just a thought.
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    Is my leisure battery ok?

    I knew our LB was gone when the 12v stopped working when wilding on solar and only came back when I started the engine. Unfortunately this was while we were in France so struggled on for a few weeks till we arrived back and replaced it.
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    How long without a shower

    I have a shower every birthday whether I need it or not.
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    Component quality - Motorhomes vs Boats

    I agree to a point but the difference is in payload. I'm all for quality of construction but I'm not afraid of modern materials. TVs once came in a wooden box which took two people to lift but now anyone can lift one. I want to stay at 3.5t but with a decent payload so for me the lighter the...
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    Engine upgrade

    We have a '16 150, it pulls like a train uphill and returns over 30mpg, as others have said I would let it run in first.
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    Bluetooth music via iPhone on Boxer

    You may need to install a music player.
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    CD or Cassette player for Pioneer head unit.

    Yeay, we do the same over there but with Greatest Hits Radio.
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    CD or Cassette player for Pioneer head unit.

    Haven't used CDs for years. I copy my music to a USB flash drive or stream on the move.
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    2 F15s over Norfolk and 4 Hawk trainers over the western approaches. It's raining.
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    Any Motorhomes to avoid?

    Don't forget payload, often overlooked.
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    Fuel one on me.

    All liquids are transported in tanks no? Anyone run out of milk yet? šŸ˜
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    The Joys of Benidorm!

    Last time there it was sooo windy we couldn't stand upšŸ˜
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    Best Aire to stay overnight after Calais

    We've done early and late crossings but now prefer early. We travel to Dover and overnight in Maison Du car park then cross early with breakfast on the ferry and have best part of the day to get some miles under the wheels. Each to their own.