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    Torx bolt seized head ruined

    Weekly task for me..... this apart from stuck seat posts..... I generally cut a slot with a dremel and that works..... sometimes on more exposed bolts the same irwin bolt removers..... alternative is to try another torx bit (larger) and tap in in...turn it so you break the torque seal and boom...
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    Ebike repairs

    8 Fun are Bafang motors....
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    Campsite charges

    We've booked all CAMC sites for this year..... prices are as to be expected, we had planned Normandy and Brittany but we know what got in the way.....planning to head to the Netherlands next summer
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    Does anyone else think their motorhoming in France has finished.

    It's off the cards for us this year sadly....but we've got the Netherlands lined up for August 2022... Finger's crossed.... we'd planned France last year & this but figured if things improve for 2022 and travel is pretty much all good then France will be well occupied by travelling folk from...
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    Sorry for this but.....The whole TV thing is confusing the hell out of me? :-(

    We've a Sniper well....satellite tuner is brilliant hooked up to a fact everything works spot on....and like you found the same when seeing an Avtex demo'd ....
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    Who has a 12v TV 19in/20in that plays .mkv, .avi, flv, .mpg etc files directly from a USB powered portable Hard Drive?

    We've a Sniper too....great TV.... decent Freeview & Free to Air Satellite receivers too ...
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    Motorhome satnavs

    I've been using Tom Tom Go app on the phone for a while for the car ...just started using it too for the MoHo... however the caveat is that you can't set MoHo dimensions In the app can if planning online and sync to the far so good... I also check out Street view to be sure...
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    Satellite Tv

    We have a Snipe 3 and use the inbuilt tuner on the Snipe TV..... obvs only Free to Air....but it still picks up 600 channels....some duplicate from both the Astra beams.... I get all the usual suspects from Freeview and loads more as well as HD versions and BBC One local area broadcasts...e.g...
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    What are you up to this weekend?

    We are heading back home .... dropping into CAMC Clumber Park later after Leaving Barnard Castle.....back home tomorrow for 3 weeks ( work gets in the way, plus it's half term ) ....
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    Can I dump sat dish and watch tv via internet.

    Aye....we've omnidirectional aerial.... Firestick & Satellite.... we'll be using Satellite at Clumber Park signal sh*t or non existent...TV the same... Up here at Barnard castle ( ok you can crack some jokes) Satellite is on the go... although we did use Firestick for Netflix...
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    Sorry for this but.....The whole TV thing is confusing the hell out of me? :-(

    There is no right or wrong's what works... 12v TV with Firestick & t'internet does most stuff, if the 4g Signal is rubbish then you've the TV antenna ... usually on site if the TV signal is rubbish they have boosters... I've been to places like Bolton Abbey where TV is like that and...
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    Gasit verses Gaslow

    Ah....the refillable gas conundrum.... there isn't a right is what works for you... Sadly the UK is snobbish with there is this one and maybe that one and nothing else is out there.....same with cars, bicycles etc..... Really you have the Alugas, Gaslow, Gasit....or...
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    New Smart car

    This "small" SUV cross thing seems to be the next "something you don't need" vehicle sector....... Toyota have a Yaris cross hybrid SUV thing coming here in the Autumn, it's already in Europe.... for the "urban jungle" apparently.....
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    Food to EU after Brexit.

    Works for me as I tend to go Dover/Dunkirk..... late crossing....swing into Carrefour Aire at Bray-Dunes.....stay until the morning then shop....
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    Food to EU after Brexit.