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    Brake switch - help!

    Not sure, but the switch might be a bayonet fitting. Insert and twist to lock it in position. Its about 5 years since I had a 2005 boxer van, but thats how i remember the brake pedal switch.
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    Hiking boot recommendations?

    Just bought some boots at Milletts. Club discount of 10% min was easily obtained with club discount. I offered National Trust or C&CC. Did not show membership , sales man didnt bat an eyelid so I assume normal but you have to ask. I bought Berghaus but from a comfort point of view after trying...
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    Project 2000 automatic step May be some help
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    Project 2000 automatic step

    Is it a single folding step? If so there is a limit switch that tells it that it has fully closed. It is incentre of step, best viewed from underneath when step is extended. Ours was same as car door courtesy light switch from, i think, fiat panda. Am sure there is a thread about it somewhere.
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    Recommendations for a new clutch please.

    Not sure it will fit your van. Borg and beck hkf1054 is a single mass flywheel and clutch kit. Marketed as stronger with better heat disapation than standard dual mass flywheel. I have not tried it so have no experience of it, just noted its existance for the future.... More info here, post 19...
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    Another Dometic fridge problem!!!

    If it works on 240 and 12v but not gas , then the gas is not putting as much heat into the flue as the electric side does. So either low lpg gas pressure or jet orifice, that ll be the hole, partially blocked is my guess. Can you try a different regulator or check pressure with manometer...
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    Latest Gas It system

    Its called faro pipe. Used by car lpg converters. Very easy to make the joints. Bore size is often 6 or 8 mm bore.
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    From LR1218 to Votronic solar controller

    The votronic signal to the electroblok can only show the current going to the leisure battery. It has no provision to send signal to display current to starter battery. We have made the same change and find the votronic mppt controller very good. You might want to consider getting the temp...
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    Spanish gas bottle

    I think one of these might do it. Assume its a left hand thread 21.8mm as per old calor butane cylinder.
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    Eberspacher heater

    There are 2 types of eberspacher heater. Both are diesel or petrol fueled. One generates hot air, the other hot water. The hot water version is often mounted under vehicle or in engine bay. Although these are the bright shiny new versions...
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    Radiator fan speed controller.

    Try a capacitor on the fan, mounted across the pos and neg. It will smooth the pwm signal. On a small fan a 220 micro farad works fine, at least I think that was what I used.......
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    Gas connections help.......please

    The hose has a standard pol connector. The cylinder appears to have a clip on regulator. Often these have a "butane" left hand male thread but photo does not clearly show this. Which manufacturer cylinder is it? More info on cylinder / regulator required. Can you remove regulator from top of...
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    Dometic fridge panel not lighting up

    If you remove the bottom external vent to access the rear bottom of fridge. Bottom right hand side , frommemory, is the 12v control wiring. Its a screw terminal block, check there for 12v. Nb, not the heavy wiring for 12v fridge element when driving. If no supply then you will be searching for...
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    Question: too much solar for the EDL?

    Without knowing which ebl? I do not know its current rating or facilities to know / display charge and discharge from battery. You could limit the solar charge by putting a fuse between the solar panel and solar controller, thus protecting the ebl from excessive charge. If it blows you may not...
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    Mirror in Wing mirror fell out!

    If its a hymer arcol mirror as per the photo i have attatched. At 4 o clock ish on my photo is a lever. This rotates the ring on rear of glass to lock mirror onto the tilting motorised white ring in housing. Just line up the 4 bulges in the white ring with the ring on rear of mirror, move lever...