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  • Hi Sheila could you let me know your number and where you are as don't think we'll be there until 5 30 ish. Cheers glen x
    Thanks Sheila we will be there. Is it just the Fri 12 and Sat 13 Oct. X
    Yes we leave on the Sunday but you don't have to leave early because things are still going on in the town, we usually leave about 4 ish xx
    Hi Sheila know it's not a fun meet but just asking if you have room for me and Sharon at pickering. No problem if you haven't think we can book with ccclub but would rather go with you lot. Glen and sharon.x
    Hi glen n Sharon, Sure you can but we can't park up till 4.30 pm as the teachers will still be on site. As you say not a fun meet so you will be on your own insurance but that shouldn't be a problem. We normally park in the large lay-bys just before Pickering, it will be lovely to see you both again xx
    Sheila n mick.
    Hi Sheila,
    Enjoy your birthday and when you get chance can you let me know if you are doing the Misterton meet again this year?
    Hi Sheila,
    Just getting back to you regarding your ok comment on your message Mar 29.
    I don't appear on any list but could you put me down for 1 Hog Roast please.
    Thank you for making us so welcome yesterday and introducing us to other Funsters. We came away with a very positive view of the club.
    Kind regards Bill and Jenny
    HI Sheila
    We are new members and have not as yet been on a rally. We only live 30 minutes drive from Eden Camp and would like to visit in the car and see what goes on at rallies and meet some club members. We cannot make Saturday evening but are available at other times. Hope this is possible
    Bill and Jenny Lythgoe
    Hi Sheila, we are moving up the Eden Camp list but as we don't live far away we could get there if someone didn't turn up on the day, fingers crossed!
    Hi Sheila, are you having a Misterton rally this year, I am trying to sort out which rallies we are attending and want to put our favourites in first!
    Hi Ginny,
    Misterton rally is going ahead will post as a confirmed rally when we get back to uk on Sunday. The rally appears to partly clash with old mos at Bagwell but this is his doing not ours so some people may wanting to go there.
    Hi Guys,

    Are you at the Goth? Think I may have seen your RV from the road this afternoon. If you pick this up in time. Give us a bell on 01947 895837 and we'll pop our heads round the door on Sunday. Hope you are both well. Nige & Bren
    Hi Lance & Sheryl, the list is only a provisional one because the rally is such a long time away, hope you enjoy your trip to spain .
    Hi Sheila, I'm really sorry but we're not going to be able to attend this meet now. We have just booked ferry to Spain for 4 weeks whilst our daughter is back home from Uni in the states (wants to come with us).
    Thank you so much for adding us to list in first instance. Lance & Sheryl (No.56 on the list).
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