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  • We’ve now moved from the Peak District and our lovely CL.
    I’m buying a Rapido 7099f tomorrow I’s my dream van and I’m looking forward to meeting Mrs. M in the Rapido 650ff to discuss how much better built the old vans were.
    Changed 600ff to 650FF as Mr M can't sleep and needed a place to sit a drink coffee with his dogs while Mrs M sleeps on. Live and learn:)
    Hi I see you both have Gtec electric bikes, what do think of them and the main thing what are they like on REAL HILLS like we have in Devon? Other Pros and Cons?

    Richard Mason
    Richard Mason
    Hi, they are good. You still have to work on big hills but they certailny help and get you up to speed quickly on the flat. No chain either so that's good!
    Now got our 9 months old Rapido 600FF - very happy and looking to use it as much as possible when Mrs M packs in teaching in July!
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