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  • Hi David
    We will now be back around 13th June, can I call in to collect the awning around that date? We will be travelling from Dover to Manchester so would take a route past Malvern. If that date is not convenient for you we could always collect it on the way back to the ferry in July.

    Hi David, I will be back in England earlier than expected now as we need to be in Spain by the end of July for my mother's 80th so we're probably going to back around the middle of June onwards, we'll be returning via Calais and heading to Manchester so can call in to see you when it's convenient, if you've got plans then I'm sure we can arrange something but I'll let you know a bit closer to the time if that's OK.
    Hi David, that would be great or we can call at your place on the way to the show, whatever suits you. I'll let you know if we're back earlier, thanks again. Paul.
    Hi David
    That would be great and cash is no problem. We might be back earlier that the Malvern show depending on circumstances so if that happens I'll contact you if that's OK. Thanks for holding onto it for me, are you going to the show? Ps this is our first time visiting Greece in the moho, only been here a couple of days but loving it so far!
    Hi Paul. We won’t take motorhome to the show as we live about 1.5 miles away from showground ( as the crow flies). Happy to chuck awning etc in the car and bring it down to you as I think that’s probably the easiest way to get it to you at the show but just keep me posted and if you get back sooner and want it sooner we can arrange accordingly. enjoy Greece and travels in general. David
    I am very interested in the awning you have for sale, I'm happy with the price but I'm in Greece at the moment and not due back in the UK until July. I'm going to the Malvern Western show in August with MHF so would it be possible to collect it then? I'm happy to pay for it now if that helps.
    Hi SMB. Sorry for slow reply (been out all day) . Always willing to trust a MHF member so happy to hold it for you until Malvern show as would prefer cash then if possible? It it all packed away safely in spare room so it will be well looked after in the meantime. Enjoy Greece - very envious !!. David
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