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    Gloom merchants

    Given that almost every expert agrees that Climate Change is the greatest long-term threat to this planet, I look forward to hearing what you will be doing to go along with their recommendations. Gordon
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    Post Coronavirus?

    All of my boundaries are with the Land Registry. Should there be a disagreement we can go to law over it. The same cannot be said for Russia and Ukraine! Somehow I doubt that you are advocating a World Court of Justice (backed up by a World Police Force?)! When this virus is under control (and...
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    Who should be given the vaccine first?

    We don't think that it will be available to us [retired, useless, drain on pension funds, drain on medical resources] for another 18months at least so we hope Tesco's can keep providing deliveries for that length of time and that Netflix/Amazon Prime will produce some new programmes during the...
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    Post Coronavirus?

    Not so long ago there were a lot of people on here expressing their desire to live in an independent country with control over their own laws! Now there seem to be many wanting internationally agreed standards and cross-border co-operation. Are they compatible? Gordon
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    Staying in is tough...NOT.

    As ever, sweeping generalisations show a lack of reality. How does a single parent cope with their kids whilst trying to go shopping? Should they deprive a vulnerable older person of a delivery slot? Perhaps single-parents shouldn't be allowed to exist? So the partner of Armed Forces personnel...
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    God bless the NHS

    Or alternatively: Matt Hancock 23 Jan: "the CMO has revised the risk to the UK population from 'very low' to 'low'.. while there's an increased likelihood that #coronavirus cases may arise in this country, WE ARE WELL PREPARED & WELL EQUIPPED to deal with them"@lbc #C4News Gordon
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    Fined for ignoring travel restrictions

    Deaths will bring many sorrows over the coming months; sorry to hear of yours. HOWEVER funeral arrangements only allow for a limited number of mourners, so you would need to ascertain if you would actually be allowed to be there. And, as a friend of ours discovered when contemplating a similar...
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    SORNed last week and got my cheque yesterday. (y) But how do I pay it into the bank? We're shielding so can't do it. Son agreed to do it for me but he is a key worker and today the bank has informed me that they are only open Mon-Fri 10-2! I guess that I can post it to the bank, but there...
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    Fined for ignoring travel restrictions

    We have tried draconian punishments previously: from Between 1788 and 1868, 165,000 convicts were transported to Australia. In the records compiled by one of the Bedford Prison Governors, Robert Evans Roberts, the abbreviation...
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    Self Isolation Songs Titles

    Together in Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
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    Scum Alert

    10 facts about crime on the home front in the Second World War The Second World War was a golden period for British crime. Between 1939 and 1945, reported crimes in England and...
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    Scum Alert

    Sadly, as I know from family experience, alcoholics will get their fix anyway they can. Never give them aftershave or perfume. gordon
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    When it’s all over

    I shall be glad to get back to shopping at Tesco's: our village shop is far too expensive. On second thoughts, perhaps I shall patronize Waitrose: they have a good Sauvignon Blanc and Simon doesn't stock Iberico ham. To save money we will return to OAPs lunches at Wetherspoons. I know that...
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    Madness There’s the link gordon
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    Caravan and motorhome club

    I've JUST opened a letter from Norfolk Museums telling me that they will look into compensating me for my inability to use my annual membership pass. (y) A couple of weeks ago a "luvvy" was asking folk to accept tickets for a show later in the year when theatres have to close, because...