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    Friend looking at an Elddis

    Unbelievable!!!!!! If they can't carry out a simple task like this, would you trust them to service your car/motorhome? Don't give up - I am sure you will find someone to do it. My local Peugeot garage can't service our motorhome due to the location of their ramp, but they still managed to reset...
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    Friend looking at an Elddis

    I checked the invoice. It was actually £66 but that was almost two years ago. Good to hear you have found someone to do it. You will need to give them a “trigger” pressure. I had mine set at 10psi below the running pressure.
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    Friend looking at an Elddis

    I just used my local Peugeot (car) dealership. It should not be necessary to go to a Commercial garage as all they do is plug in a laptop and update the settings.
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    Friend looking at an Elddis

    Go to a different Peugeot garage. It takes half an hour max. From memory I paid approx £60 to have ours reset to a lower value.
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    Friend looking at an Elddis

    Our first motorhome was an Elddis Accordo 120. Bought new but only kept it two years. We had very few problems with it during that time. Only changed it because we wanted a fixed bed. Repaced it with an Elddis Autoquest 155 which has had numerous faults over the last 18 months. Overall, they are...
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    Elddis under slung tank heater

    As far as I am aware the tank heater only comes on below 5Deg C. If you are not on EHU I would expect it to run the battery down fairly quickly. I dont know where the element is located but I would assume there is some sort of sensor that switches it off when there is no water in the tank. The...
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    Fitting Fiamma Ultra Box 500

    I bought a secondhand Ultra Box 500 and fitted it to our previous motorhome. Same problem - holes didnt line up. I just drilled new holes and filled the old ones with mastic. If you bought secondhand, make sure you have been supplied with all the fixing brackets.
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    Bet this is a new one...

    I change our oil every year regardless of mileage. I would never dream of leaving it for 3 years. The filters are made of thin metal and if you use your motorhome during the winter (salt) it could easily rust through in 3 years. The oil filter on our 2019 Peugot Boxer is very exposed.
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    PVC's with a garage and a bed suitable for a 6'3" Mr Fusion ?

    I think you will struggle to make this work. I am 6-2 and have also been looking at PVC's. Most have an max internal height of 1900mm (6-3) but frames around roof lights etc reduce this height. As mentioned above, the Globecar Campscout Revolution is likely the best option as it is available...
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    English dog returning from holiday in Southern Irekand this week

    As far as I know the certificate of health is in relation to Brexit and nothing to do with Covid. It may/may not be required after 31st Dec depending on what is agreed.
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    Water channel filling

    That’s how I discovered the cause of my problem. After it had happened a few times I noticed that it only occurred after I had been driving on wet roads. Looks like your problem is the same and that your step well is badly sealed.
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    Water channel filling

    I had a similar problem with my 155. After a lot of investigating I discovered the problem was not the door seal, but the seal (mastic) between the step and the side wall. Water was being thrown up from the tyres and finding its way in. Poor workmanship by Elddis. Dealer fixed it by applying...
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    Adria Twin SGX picked up!

    The Adria SGX interests me due to its long bed (I am 6' 2") Can anyone (tall) confirm what the internal head height is? The specification states 1900 mm but I assume this is the max and does not take into account projections for rooflights etc.
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    TPMS Boxer

    I had ours reset (to a lower pressure) about 18 months ago. From memory it was about £40 plus vat. It took them about 30 min max.
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    Tyre pressure

    A Peugeot garage can reset the TPMS to trigger at a lower pressure. I run our Elddis at 50psi front and 70psi rear. These pressures were supplied by Continental after I had confirmed the axle loadings (confirmed at a weigh bridge). From memory Peugeot charged me approx £40.