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  • Hi
    I have bought a neoplan skyliner to convert to motorhome and was wondering how you get through all the red tape regards DVLA etc reclassification? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Northernraider
    .Someone recommended you might have a clue what weight 15 minibus seats are.(it's an LDV maxus 2007 LWB)
    Need to get weight of minibus down to 3.5 if I'm going to convert it to a campervan.
    Let me now when you are going to sell and ruf price
    I'm in Europe till march approximately but I'd be seeking around ÂŁ25k
    Ok but we hope to bye before as we wantto be in Portugal byeend jan
    Spoke to my auto electrician
    Told of your woes,
    And that unit above the door
    He seemed unfazed with the challenges
    He says no way you should get 17 volts
    Yeah I'm planning to put the front back up on stands anyway

    But not today as its pissin it down ....but i will give him a call once I have it jacked up and see what he thinks.

    Battery kept voltage last night although its still only 12.2 volts

    Once I've walked the dogs if you around today ill drive through and pick up that battery from you if that's OK
    i am staying in
    Cushty ill pop through in about 20 minutes đź‘Ť
    Hi Tam. I just bought a 654 and you were helpful. What size gas bottles can you fit? I wanted 2 11 kgrefillable but apparently they won't fit in the locker
    Hi tam,
    I have been following your thread and I will be touring Spain this Jan.
    I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to ask on an open hence the pm.
    Is there a particular credit card or loaded currency card you used or was it ?cash ?
    will this get to northernraider??
    Tam. I forgot to get your e mail this morning when u left. I am parked up in Foz, just outside realy, what great facilities, showers in a building as well as on the beach and so much fantastic free parking.
    Thanks for your reply,very helpful. Is it shorts or thermals? Its very cold at home can't wait to get away.
    An in between ...not cold enough for thermals ...but not warm enough for shorts although you do get the odd hot day it depends on the wind
    Hi just been reading a post about Peniscola and a member suggested that you where there recently. I'm hoping to be there about the 26th and wondered if you could recommend a camp site that allows dogs and give me an idea what the weather is like? Thanks Pete.
    I wildcamped 2 km south of the city , I've no idea on campsites I'm afraid but the wild spot was lovely and plenty walks nearby for a dog . Weather is changeable at the minute but it was nice the day I was there
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