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    Thank you very much for your kind words and letter of recommendation. Glad you are happy with the service you received and I'll pass the compliments onto the wardens on the campsite (y).
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    Fiat swift 622 Security Question

    Unless the dealer has fitted an alarm for you, then you will have just the Fiat's immobiliser fitted as standard. You may have a Sargent Tracker installed, but not registered.
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    LOL, just to clarify, his Cobra alarm system was indeed removed from the Devon and replaced with the Strikeback EVO Growler system :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Glad that you are pleased with the installation, you know where we are if you need us. Cheers Nick.
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    Lithium Battery + EBL Advice Please

    Depends on the Lithium manufacturer you choose, but with the 2 brands we offer here, the mains charger aspect is fine on the Gel Settings if you are fitting just 1x battery (bearing in mind that for low 12v power users only/no inverter use, 1x 100-120ah of usable power is plenty). The only...
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    Lithium batteries - what do you make of this ?

    Lol, you're being very polite with your response about my feelings on the video :LOL: :LOL: . In truth (and sorry to the person whom creating the video if they are watching this thread), it went something from laughter, to anger, to dumbfounded, to "Your Having A Laugh?!", to "who did your...
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    Lithium batteries - what do you make of this ?

    Wow......……. where on earth did this advise come from?! Oh let me think, the manufacturer's of the batteries maybe :unsure: (seeing far too much of this just lately). I really haven't the time to completely pull this video apart, but here's some of the Main factors I've taken from this that are...
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    Is it worth installing an alarm

    Hi, We chose not to use the existing Fiat key to operate the system. Sadly the Sevel group's remote key isn't that secure and we feel it best to have an independent ECU with independent key fobs to control the alarm system. There is also the point made that as you typically get only one remote...
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    Van Bitz in the morning ?

    I would've imagined your E Bike Battery to be an Li-cd unlike the LifePO4 used in most lithium Batteries that are available in the leisure industry, which is much safer to work with and there is evidence on the inter-web of LifePO4 cells taking gun rounds and not going up in smoke. Completely...
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    Lockdown Outsmart The Thief

    It can be a minefield out there due to the options that are open to you, which is why we put the comparisons chat in place to take away some of that grief. Promoting the Non-Starter we have done now for some time, but with this new device that can get around the PSA Group of immobilisation...
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    Lockdown Outsmart The Thief

    Hi, I have attached a link to our comparison chart, which may help in you in your research: I have also included the link, which also gives you the benefits of having the Non-Starter...
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    Dometic Freshlight vs Freshjet both 2200

    Interesting, I'm on the understanding they are only available in white :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:. Maybe an old piece of stock left out on display for a while????
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    Lunar Caravans in Administration

    Oh god, don't say that :oops:. Had to go to the dark side, as having a disabled mother means taking her away is easier with the car & Van, but I've just bloody bought a Lunar :cry: . Best get resealing everything I guess...……..
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    Living with Lorries

    Problem is that most of the time these things are by-passed with a magnet on the G-Box (no only to open it up, but to fool the Tacho head that you're "At Work" thus not eating into the drive time). You only need to spend a bit of time watching Faceache's Motorway Police and Highways Agency...
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    Motorhome Versus Caravan

    I think the decision on what to go for always boils down to personal circumstances and lifestyles. After having both and the situation I am in with elderly care, how we holiday and vehicle requirements for daily use...……………………… I have recently moved to the dark side of having a caravan. I don't...
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    Average 11.5 v all weekend

    Some factory gauges can be as much as .5v +/-, so it has been suggested previously to measure using a voltmeter at the battery. Also if the solar has been wired through a factory consumer unit, you can also loose efficiency that way, but never would I have thought it would be that much. All...