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    Fridge not working

    Our Dometic doesn't work on a moderate slope...:(
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    Family "Gassed" in France.....
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    Pioneer satnav

    J2L...... No probs! You're spot on with the record label ref!...........Are you a fan also, or an N.S. buff?
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    Pioneer satnav

    May be of help?
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    Left hand drive.

    Our insurers said that there was no difference in cost whether LHD or RHD. As Clarky says, some junctions can be a bit iffy, usually remedied by careful positioning on approach. Some techie funners have cameras to assist with junctions!
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    France.......but where are the French?????

    Motorhoming Is Life's Fruition....:)
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    Changing gear at the Camping and Caravanning Club?

    Yep, She's definitely a "Tugger"...:D
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    Phantom lights!

    We have the same problem with the lights over the cab door.......and we never use EHU!
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    New van's arrived!

    Great looking van!.....I hope you have many miles, and many smiles with it....:)
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    Happy Birthday, g3cwi.

    Happy Birthday Richard!
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    Dogs? Yes or No - A Poll - Please Respond

    The last of our four "Rescue Dogs" sadly passed away recently, so for the first time in 50 odd years, I am dogless....... We're currently looking at how things pan out with the "B" situation, as we will be travelling a lot next year, particularly abroad....Hopefully we'll re-home some waif and...
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    Tea strainer

    That was why we bought our first one.........The mistake we made, was thinking of going further afield!
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    Tea strainer

    You're getting the hang of this now Richard! Hope you're keeping well, and enjoying your van life.....Are you using it for "Expeditions" as well? Best regards from myself, and Karen.
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    I like raked joints as well, but it's been nearer to 30 years since I last did any! The chariot is still sitting in the bucket, all forlorn and unloved with its "Obo" masonary nail in place!! Did a job in St Asaph where the joints were just struck of with the bricklaying trowel as I worked the...
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    The stupid thing is,, they had a dumper and a mini digger taken away today, and there expecting one labourer to shovel and lay about 8 tons of hardcore tomorrow, on his own! If they had any brains or thought for the lad, they could have kept the dumper for another day and the bags could have...